About Us

The process of navigating our enormously complicated healthcare system can be time consuming and overwhelming for any individual or agency. Receiving accurate information and/or access to adequate medical services and benefits is hard to come by because of the complexity of the healthcare system.

C&C Family Insurance Services specializes in guiding individuals and agencies through the complex maze of rules and regulations involved in obtaining government benefits.  As trusted experts in the healthcare field, we understand how to simplify a complicated process in order to maximize health coverage, and we tailor plans to the specific needs of individuals. By providing priceless knowledge and sound guidance, C&C Family Insurance Services can help you gain the upper hand by empowering you to confidently make the best healthcare decisions that are right for you.

Mission Statement

“Our company’s mission is to improve the lives of our community members by presenting and educating them on the best possible solutions to their healthcare needs so they may maximize their coverage.”


We value consumer satisfaction; therefore, we commit ourselves to always being compliant. We value referrals; therefore, we commit to gaining your trust by providing you the best resources so you can make informed choices about your healthcare. We value loyalty; therefore, we will work hard to ensure we retain you as a client.


C&C Family Insurance Services distinguishes itself as a leader by educating our communities to make informed choices about their healthcare. Our company will be renowned for our knowledge, passion, and outreach efforts.

Brief History

C&C Family Insurance Services was founded on the goal of advising individuals needing government health coverage, and providing resources and guidance to agencies in the healthcare field.

Carlos Carrillo is the founder, president, and CEO of C&C Family Insurance Services. He has over 25 years of experience in managed care, specifically in the Medicare, Medi-Cal, and Healthy Families programs. We have directed and managed Community Outreach Teams in Fresno, Tulare, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties promoting these lines of services. Overall, we are passionate and committed about helping people and their communities.